Wayne Hartman
Group Coordinator & iOS Developer
San Antonio iOS Developer Meetup


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San Antonio iOS Developer Group is a monthly meetup (we will be meeting the second Wednesday of every month) focused on teaching and learning all about iOS development here in the wonderful city of San Antonio. We meet at Geekdom (http://www.geekdom.com) for free food and drinks, for presentations on iOS development (from beginner to expert material), and for the comaraderie of finding help and helping others.

If you are interested, please signup for our newsletter above, and go to our Eventbrite page: http://saios.eventbrite.com to get a (free!) ticket to our next meetup!

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New to iOS Development?
We understand how hard it is to start something new, join us and learn all about developing for wonderful Apple devices like the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch!

Already a Master of iOS?
Maybe you would like to help beginners get a great head start or find that genius talent to help you with your next project? We will also cover more advanced topics for the iOS Masters!

Not sure if iOS is right for you?
That's okay! We've been there and done that! Join us and find out why developing for iOS devices is so great and satisfying!

Greg Cerveny
iOS Developer and Mastermind
San Antonio iOS Developer Meetu


Welcome to the 

San Antonio iOS Developer Meetup!

 We love iOS development and we want to share that love and knowledge with you!

Our next event is Wednesday August 14th, 2013 at 7:30 PM

Freelance iOS Development: What you need to know to get started by Collin Beck

Tools, tips, and advice on getting started.

More about Geekdom, our monthly meetup sponsor

We are proud to announce that Geekdom is now the official sponsor of our monthly meetup! Be sure to say hello to Nick Longo on Twitter (@GeekdomSA and @NickLongo) and tell him thanks for helping to foster the tech industry in San Antonio!

Geekdom is a brand new collaborative workspace in downtown San Antonio. Located in the Weston Tower, Geekdom provides a high-end collaborative workspace for developers, designer, entrepreneurs and more for a low-end price. You can find out what Geekdom is all about on their website http://www.geekdom.com and follow them on Twitter @GeekdomSA

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